5 Effective Year-End Fundraising Ideas to Meet Your Not-for-Profit’s Goals

December is the golden month for not-for-profit organisations. It is reported that almost a third of all not-for-profit donations are received during December, so not-for-profits should be making the most of this season.

If there’s a season that not-for-profits should work extra hard to raise awareness and solicit donations, it’s during this last quarter of the year. Here are some statistics to convince you to do a “year-end ask”:

Source: Winspire

Do these numbers convince you? Here are 5 last-minute fundraising ideas that are easy to organise and throw.

Christmas gift wrapping

Offering a Christmas gift-wrapping service in exchange for a donation to your organisation is an easy way for local not-for-profits, schools, and faith-based organisation to raise awareness and funds for the year. Typically, gift wrapping is something that most people don’t want to be bothered about so offering this service will surely become a hit among the shoppers. You can also order a custom-printed wrapping paper for a truly personalised service that is guaranteed to generate brand exposure and awareness.

For shoppers looking for last-minute gifts, you can also sell branded advent calendars of chocolates or Christmas lollies in your gift-wrapping stall. These not only generate additional revenue, but also promote your brand.

Christmas carols

Time to let your team’s voices shine. Gathering a team to sing in public places or door to door may be embarrassing but just take comfort that your voices, regardless if they’re in tune or not, can raise funds for your organisation. Don your best Christmas costume and have fun with it.

Santa fun run

Fun runs are the easiest to plan for not-for-profits of all sizes. With the Santa fun run, the only requirement is to dress up in your best Santa Claus costume, beards optional. You can raise funds by having people join in exchange for a donation or sponsoring each runner. You can order branded Santa hats here.

Gift matching programme

A gift matching programme is done in partnership between a not-for-profit organisation and companies where the latter can donate the same amount that the former was able to raise. Since Christmas is the season for giving, most corporate offices will be more generous to make a deal.

And lastly, contact the donors

If you are short on time to run a full-fledged fundraising campaign, contacting your existing donors will suffice. Send them an email or give them a call to thank them for their donations and assistance this year. Your simple act of gratitude will remind them of your cause and entice them to donate.

Time to plan out your last-minute Christmas Fundraiser for 2019!

There’s still time to organise your last-minute Christmas fundraiser. For assistance and branded merchandise, you can contact our Account Managers who are always ready to help. Fill out our enquiry form to book a call or call and email them directly.