Improve Volunteer Engagement with these 3 Tips for Not-For-Profits

Attracting and engaging volunteers are some of the struggles that many not-for-profits are all facing these days. Volunteering is the last thing on people’s minds, especially with all the restrictions and specific challenges that the pandemic has imposed on us. Despite people’s apprehensions, not-for-profit organisations have to deliver the message that volunteers are safe and protected. Volunteering also not only benefits the causes of the organisation, but also promotes a sense of community and improved mental health and well-being for the volunteers.

In these socially distanced and reclusive times, there are new ways that not-for-profit organisations can engage new volunteers and sustain old ones. Here are 3 volunteer engagement tips for the new normal .

1. Update volunteer programs

There are some hesitations about volunteering this time due to health risks and other challenges they are experiencing due to the pandemic. And these are valid concerns. Fortunately, there are other ways that people can volunteer and contribute to not-for-profits in the comfort of their own homes. People can still render web-based work. You can assign admin tasks such as social media management, community outreach, graphic design, video editing, and more.

Some of the usual not-for-profit activities can also be done virtually. Literacy programs can be adapted to virtual classes. Counseling programs can also be conducted through Zoom sessions. To make things short, find a way to adapt your programs into virtual services.

2. Volunteering activities can be done individually or in small groups

Not all activities have to be done in huge groups. Some people can help out on their own or with small groups like their household or family members. Activities such as environmental conservation activities and food banks and deliveries can be effectively done with social distancing.

3. Keep connected to your volunteers (both old and new!)

Despite your best efforts, there might be a lot of past volunteers who won’t be able to come back to volunteering for now. So many people are struggling right now with their jobs, businesses, and just the physical and mental toll of the pandemic. However, it does not mean that they’re closing their doors on you forever. Eventually, when things go back to what it used to be, they might go back to volunteering. Branding and marketing are keys to sustaining volunteer engagement.

Email and social media marketing keep your old and potential volunteers in the loop with what’s happening in your organisation. Alternatively, it also improves brand recall and recognition.

Finally, don’t forget to recognise their past and current efforts. Whether you send them a quick thank you email or give “Volunteer Thank You presents”, any effort will be much appreciated and will encourage volunteers to continue working with you. Since these have been trying times, you don’t have to go big with your gifts either. Simple tokens such as Branded Reusable Cups, Custom Cooler Bags, and Promo Drink Bottles can suffice.

Volunteer Thank You Gift Ideas

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