Top Promotional Fitness Items to Promote Gym Signups and Brand Awareness

Now that the summer is heating up, people are starting to get back into shape. After a winter of being rugged up in jumpers and jackets and cooped up indoors, it is now time for people to get back onto the fitness wagon and work towards their fitness goals.

This is the perfect time for gyms and health and fitness brands to work double time on their marketing and branding initiatives. Unfortunately, all your competitors also recognise that this is the golden time of health and fitness marketing. How do you stand out in a competitive business climate? We’ll let you in on a secret on how you can emerge as the leader of the pack…

The secret is… Promotional Products!

Yes, promotional products are the most effective advertising tool and we’re not just saying it because we’re the leading promotional products provider. You may think that social media ads are the most effective since everyone is doing it. Wrong! According to the latest Global Ad Impressions Study by ASI, consumers develop a better opinion of the brand when they use promotional products as an advertising tool than internet marketing.

Source: ASI Global Ad Impressions Study 2019

Promotional products are also seen as the most effective form of advertising out of all media types, according to PPAI.

Source: PPAI Fact Sheet 2018

As for brand recall, promotional products still rank the best.

Source: PPAI Fact Sheet 2018

If you want to know more about the power of promotional products, you can read PPAI’s and ASI’s studies.

Global Ad Impressions Study 2019
2018 Promotional Products Fact Sheet

Got you convinced? Here are the trending promotional fitness products for gym and fitness centre promotions!

Hottest Promotional Fitness Products for Gyms & Fitness Centres

Resistance Bands

Portable resistance bands are great for travelers who are always on the go. People can get their workout wherever they are, whether they are in their hotel rooms or at the airport waiting for their flights. This is a great promotional tool for brands that have a global or multicontinental presence.


Walking is the most accessible and simplest fitness activity there is. Encourage people to walk more while also promoting your brand by giving away these branded pedometers. They can be kept and used for a long time, thus guaranteeing long brand exposure.


No one has enough t-shirts. These promotional sportswear items will get people excited about working out while also serving as a prominent promotional tool for your brand. They make for great mobile advertisements for your brand so attention-grabbing branding is a must.

Drink bottles

Hydration is key when working out so these promotional drink bottles will surely be effective at promoting your brand. They are also used throughout the day, ensuring a high number of impressions generated per piece.

Sports and Gym Bags

Sports and gym bags are useful both inside and outside of the gym or fitness center. They can be used for traveling and moving. Since they’re so useful, they can generate a high number of brand impressions.

Stand out from your competition with these trending promotional fitness products!

Your brand will surely get noticed when you used these hottest promotional fitness products for your marketing and branding initiatives! Got a promotion coming up? Get a free marketing consultation by filling out our enquiry form. You can also contact us by email or phone.