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Put your brand or message on promotional drink bottles for a refreshing ad! Order custom drink bottles printed with your logo. We have many types, colours & materials available for you. With so many types, colours and materials to choose from, there is sure to be the right custom printed bottle for your needs and budget. BPA free drink bottles are hugely popular promotional items and printed sports drink bottles are perfect for sports associations.

Promotional Drink Bottles – Everybody’s Favourite Promotional Product

Printed sport drink bottles provide a great opportunity to raise awareness of your organisation. With the recent explosion in gym membership and sporting clubs in Australia, everybody wants a drink bottle. Custom printed drink bottle is a perfect advertising medium for gaining the attention of sports enthusiasts, schools and sporting club members. Sports drink bottles are likely to be used repeatedly and therefore offer the opportunity of long-term exposure of your brand.

Brandconnect has a huge range of logo drink bottles and promo sports bottles. We offer BPA free plastic, aluminium or stainless steel drink bottles in a wide range of colours and styles. All come printed with your logo, contact details and other marketing information. We also offer full colour wrap printed bottles that really create a visual impact.

Popular Drink Bottle Types

There are custom drink bottles that are popular among our customers in Australia. Brandconnect has different styles, colours, and materials for our branded sports drink bottles. Here are the most popular types you can choose for your next marketing campaign.

Plastic Drink Bottles

Our plastic drink bottles are ideal for a small marketing budget for any brand. They are cheaper than other types of promo drink bottles. Aside from being cost-effective, they are also visually appealing and colourful. They are made of the highest quality grade of plastic, so they are durable and safe to use. We have plastic drink bottles in different styles, shapes, and colours. Choose a plastic drink bottle and let’s start advertising your brand logo or message.

Metal Drink Bottles

Our metal drink bottles are more durable than plastic ones. We have stainless steel promotional drink bottles which are made of food grade stainless steel. They are BPA-free, which means they are safe to use over and over again. Though they are made of metal, our metal drink bottles are lightweight. You can use them while traveling, hiking, or running.

Foldable Drink Bottles

We have foldable drink bottles that come very handy for emergency situations. They are lightweight and easy to transport. They stand upright when full with liquid material. They flatten when they are empty. You can use them every day. They are dishwasher and freezer safe as well.

How sports drink bottles can boost your brand?

Promotional drink bottles are not just a handy way to consume water but can also help to raise awareness of your brand. Used often as gym starter packs or new employee starter gifts, they promote health and well-being. In the case of gyms and clubs they act as silent salesmen every time they are used. In addition the person drinking from a custom sports bottle, people will clearly see your logo and they will be presenting them to their fellow players and spectators.

Promotional drink bottles now come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and can even be used as infuser drink bottles. They can comfortably fit on bicycle racks, belt clips or even be foldable and collapsible.

Need Your Custom Drink Bottles Fast?

Gone are the days when printed drink bottles took 3 weeks from order. While it is true some can take that long and the longer the lead time the cheaper the price but Brandconnect can now turn-around orders in 3 working days. Our Express Drink Bottles are perfect if you’re working to a tight timeframe!

You can order branded sport bottles from us either online or over the phone, but if you have any questions before you do so, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Delivery is to metro locations. Rush or deliveries outside of metro may include additional costs.

Brandconnect Tip on Using Promotional Sports Drink Bottles

Any business or organisation in Australia can benefit from using custom sports bottles for marketing. Achieving your marketing goals with printed drink bottles is easy. When you integrate them into your offline marketing strategy, you can raise awareness of your brand or message. They are recommended for gym enthusiasts, schools, sports events, and outdoor events. Since printed sports bottles can be used repeatedly, your brand can have repetitive brand exposure as well. Raise awareness of your brand or let your business message shine with our promotional drink bottles today!

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