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High-Quality BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottles in Australia

There’s a reason why promotional plastic drink bottles are the most popular giveaways in Australia! They are affordable, effective, and well-received by people, making them successful tools in promotional and marketing campaigns. When you shop for plastic water bottles in bulk from Brandconnect, get the most convenient shopping experience and top-notch customer care with our Shop Smarter & Faster features! Experience the Brandconnect difference today!

Throughout the years, branded plastic water bottles have been used by countless brands for their marketing efforts. Whether for external or internal marketing efforts, they are successful in improving brand awareness and recall. Unlike traditional advertisements, people from all walks of life are receptive to promotional products. Useful ones such as custom plastic water bottles not only can help them in their day-to-day lives but they can also serve as mobile advertisements for brands.

Order BPA Free Plastic Water Bottles in Bulk

Brandconnect only carries BPA free plastic water bottles in our stores. We ensure everyone’s health and safety by only selling custom plastic water bottles free from BPA (or bisphenol A), which is a harmful chemical that was commonly used in the production of plastic food and beverage containers. This chemical was eventually found to have adverse health effects.

Here in Brandconnect, you’ll find that our BPA plastic water bottle prices are reasonable. While we have branded plastic water bottles from CamelBak and Swiss Peak, we also carry generic and budget-friendly ones. Both types are durable and safe for use.

We are transparent in sharing with you what are water bottles made of. If you’re wondering, you can check out the product description to know more about its materials and features.

How to Shop for Plastic Water Bottles

As we’ve mentioned above, it is important to buy BPA free plastic water bottles. Aside from this, here are the other things you need to look out for when shopping for custom plastic water bottles in bulk.

1. Safe and secure lid and valve

Lids should be safely secured in order to avoid choking, particularly for children and babies. Ensure that the lids and valves of your custom plastic water bottles can be securely attached to the bottles for the safety of the users.

2. Materials that pass food standards

Since promotional plastic drink bottles are used for storing water, they have to be made from food-grade materials, especially BPA-free plastics. As such, you need to be extra careful when shopping for plastic water bottles. Good thing, Brandconnect is transparent in the materials of the water bottles we carry in our store. We specify the materials used for each drink bottle we sell.

3. High-quality inks that are safe

Low-quality inks do not only impact your brand’s visibility. They can also have adverse effects on the health of the users. Low-quality inks can have questionable elements that can be harmful. We only use inks that pass health and safety standards.