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Eco Products

We all need to do our bit for the environment. One excellent way is to use branded merchandise and promotional products that will meet today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. This will resonate with your clients and contacts in a way that simply isn’t achievable through any other medium.

Brandconnect are committed to the use of eco friendly product choices for our clients promotional campaigns.

Whether an item is recycled, recyclable, uses sustainable materials or packaging – there’s an eco alternative for any conventional promotional product.

Here’s a collection of products that will help boost your eco credentials.

Eco Friendly Promotional Product

Give gifts and merchandise that bring good to the world with eco friendly promotional items. They are made from natural materials that are sustainable and recyclable to reduce waste pollution and save the environment. Check out our complete range of the best eco friendly promotional products in Australia. Reach out to us today to get a free, no-obligation consultation and digital mockup!

Eco friendly promotional products can be used for various purposes within your organisation. They are perfect for promotional giveaways, corporate gifts for client or staff appreciation programmes, and office supplies for daily business operations. Choose from eco friendly promotional bags, reusable straws, pens, stationery, clothing, food packaging, drinkware, and more!

Benefits of Promoting with Eco Friendly Products

There is more to sustainable promotional products that meet the eye. They don’t just save the world, they also prove advantageous to your brand. Here are reasons why you should give away and use them.

They are planet-friendly: This is the obvious choice as to why brands would choose eco friendly items for their campaigns. As they are made from sustainable and recycled materials, they don’t harm the planet. They are biodegradable and even reduce waste pollution.

They improve brand perception: People form a more favourable opinion of brands that give away or sell eco friendly promo products. Thus, they help your brand to stand out more from the competition.

Consumers prefer them more: It has been reported that close to a third of women surveyed preferred buying eco friendly items in 2019, according to an ASI study. People of all age groups (from baby boomers to millennials) also favoured these items more.

Choose eco friendly products and we will plant some trees for you!

Brandconnect keenly the planting of trees via the Ecologi tree planting program We are planting trees for every order over $2000 exc GST. Find Out More

Our forest total is show below, and click on the image to find our more about our forest!

We plant trees with Ecologi