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High-Quality Promotional Eco Friendly Bags

Let your customers do your advertising with our good quality and high-impact branded eco bags. Bags are a practical and necessary item. They are also a great promotional product as they are high visibility and have a long life-span.

But times are changing and for the better. Customers now want the convenience of promotional bags but not at an environmental cost. Eco friendly bags and re-usable bags are in demand. Plastic is definitely out. Any bag that ultimately reduces the use of disposable plastic bags which block up waterways & degrade the environment is a good thing. Being eco does not have to compromise quality or branding options.

Check out our comprehensive range of promotional eco bags of different colours, styles, and customisation options. Request for a free consultation and digital mockup when you contact us today!

Types of Eco Friendly Bags in Australia

We offer a wide range of options when shopping for eco friendly bags in Australia. You’ll find eco bags in different materials, colours, styles, and decorations in our store. Here are the different ways you can customise your branded items.

Materials: Our eco bags are made of recycled or sustainable materials, such as jute, calico, bamboo, canvas, and cotton. These materials have the least environmental impact and reduce waste pollution.

Styles: There are many styles of eco bags to choose from depending on your brand, recipients, and branding needs. Some of our popular styles for promo giveaways and gifts are custom reusable shopping bags, backpacks, laptop bags, satchels, drawstring bags, cooler bags, and travel and duffle bags. Whether for shopping, carrying wine or books there is an eco bag for you!