The 5 Most Attention-Grabbing Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are the second most popular promotional products worldwide and one of the best-selling products here in BrandConnect. They also give the best value for your money’s worth as they are generally cheap and give the most impressions on people.

Since promotional pens are one of the most popular promotional products, just imagine how many custom-printed pens an average person will receive within a year. So, it can be hard for your giveaway and your brand to make the impact that you were expecting. In order to prevent this from happening, you have to cook up creative ways to innovate the traditional promotional pens. In the list below, we will be sharing five innovative pens (including promotional pens with stylus and flashlight!) that your clients or business partners won’t resist using regularly.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Pens

A typical pen will only give you a few years of use before it runs out of ink. Once they do, people wouldn’t think twice to discard it. If you are the type who cares about the environment and waste footprint, these eco-friendly promotional pens will make the perfect promotional pens for your company. These eco-friendly promotional pens are made from sustainable or recycled materials such as cardboard barrel and cornstarch plastic trim.

Promotional Pens with Stylus and Flashlight

In a world that is growing ever-reliant on touchscreen phones and gadgets, stylus pens are starting to become one of the most searched writing instruments according to ASI. But why go for regular ones when you can give away promotional pens with stylus and flashlight? Powered by super-bright LED lights, these promotional pens light up the logo to help find lost keys inside bags or illuminate dark roads.

Logo-Projector Pens

You can’t avoid your gadgets failing on you when you need it the most, which is why these promotional pens with logo projector flashlights are still useful in this technologically advanced age. Because imprinting your logo on the side is no longer enough, these promotional pens also project your company logo when the flashlight is turned on.

Multifunction Pens

Sometimes, a tough situation will arise that will require you to MacGyver your way out of it. Whether on a camping trip or in a stalled car with no cell reception, these multifunction pens will come in handy. They are equipped with a metric and imperial-unit ruler, spirit level, and two screwdrivers. As a writing instrument, they function as both stylus pen and ball pen.

Designer Ballpoint Pen Gift Set

If you really want to make an impression on your high-end market, give them something exquisite like this designer ballpoint pen gift set. Exclusively designed by the French luxury fashion house Balmain, each set comes with a ballpoint pen and a 4GB USB memory stick, both made from stainless steel.

While there is nothing wrong with giving away regular custom-printed promotional pens, people can recall your brand better if you give away ingeniously designed promotional pens. When you order from us, they also come with free freight and artwork for a minimum number of orders.

If you are in search of a particular customized pen that you can’t find on our website, feel free to contact us.