Shine the Light on Your Brand with the Best Promotional Products Perth

Known as the City of Lights, Perth is the capital and largest city in Western Australia. It is also the most isolated city in the world, giving it a unique character from other Australian cities. The country’s sunniest city also shines bright all year round with an average of eight hours of sunlight per day.

If you want your brand to stand out in Perth, here are the best promotional products for your upcoming promotional campaigns.

What is Perth like?

In order to develop a successful promotional and branding campaign in Perth, brands have to understand what Perth is like.

Laidback tourist destination: It may not have Melbourne’s rich arts and culture scene or Sydney’s glitz and glamour, but Perth more than makes up for it with its natural wonder. Perth is home to 19 beautiful beaches that are all within driving distance from the CBD, Swan River, and the wildlife. It has a more laid back appeal that some tourists can’t resist.

Important government and historical location: Perth has plenty of important public buildings and historical sites. Some of the important government buildings include Perth Mint, Government House, Parliament House, and Supreme Court Buildings.

Huge craft beer industry: Perth is known for its “small bar” culture with many of them scattered throughout the city. This makes it the perfect backdrop for Perth’s craft beer industry. Many Australian craft beer brands originated in Perth. Beer brewing has also evolved to brewing other spirits, such as artisan gin, vodkas, and more.

Strong mining industry: Western Australia hit a mining boom in 2019 and the industry has never stopped growing. Perth is seen as the second most attractive mining destination in the world with 1,000 energy and resources companies located in the city alone.

Other top industries in Perth include Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, Healthcare, and Public Administration & Safety.

The Best Promotional Products for Perth Promotional Campaigns

Promotional Products Perth #1: Promotional Government Giveaways

For any brands that are involved with the public sector, small but useful items, such as promo pens and keychains are effective to remind people of your contact info when they need you.

Promotional clothing such as custom t-shirts and headwear are also effective in boosting brand awareness and recall. They can also be used as staff uniforms to improve morale and establish unity within the workplace.

Promotional Products Perth #2: Branded Beach Merchandise

The beach is the place to be if brands want to be seen. Promotional beach items, such as beach balls, umbrellas, printed beach towels, and sunglasses, make for good giveaways or corporate gifts, especially during the summer.

Promotional Products Perth #3: Promo Picnic & BBQ Items

With the good weather all year round, people spend a lot of time outdoors in Perth. Aside from hanging out at the beach, people also like to enjoy picnics and BBQs in the many stunning parks in the city.

When thinking of effective promotional tools, give them something they can use for picnics and BBQs, such as printed picnic rugs, picnic sets, BBQ accessories and aprons. These items have a long shelf life and high visibility as they will be used in public.

Promotional Products Perth #4: Custom Beer Accessories

Beer is a huge part of the Perth culture with so many beachside and riverfront pubs and bars. Therefore, beer accessories make for cost-efficient and affordable promotional tools as it offers a good amount of brand exposure while also being useful for the recipients.

There is a wide range of branded beer accessories and related items that you can use to promote your brand, from affordable giveaways such as “coasters”;/c/home-and-living/coasters, stubby holders, and bottle openers to premium gifts such as beer glasses and cooler bags.

Promotional Products Perth #5: Personalised Items & Corporate Gifts for the Mining Industry

Promotional products are essential in the mining industry as they are used to manage brands’ reputations, stand out from the competition, and boost employee morale. Branded merchandise is not always for promotional purposes, they are also used to keep the staff safe with high-visibility safety workwear and protective gear.

For brands that want to gain more clients or retain existing ones, giving corporate gifts is a good gesture that will keep your brand on their minds for a long time.

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