Generate the highest brand exposure with these cost-efficient promo items & corporate gifts

The COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy on businesses. Although there are industries that have been flourishing during this period, most businesses have been thrown into a lurch and even closed down as a result. For businesses that are barely surviving, plenty of cost-cutting measures have to be taken in order to keep it up and running.

For many businesses, the first to take a hit is their marketing budgets. Marketing is an essential part of any business, so you have to get an affordable way to promote your brand without sacrificing quality. Promotional products are your best bet if you want a significant reach and visibility increase without spending a lot. Here are affordable promotional products that generate the highest brand exposure (data taken from Global Ad Impressions Study 2020 by ASI).

1. Face masks

Impressions generated per piece: 4235
Cost per Impression (CPI): 1/10 of a cent

Two words that best describe face masks: necessary and ubiquitous since they are worn by people everywhere they go. Branded face masks make the perfect promo items to advertise your brand right now. Face masks are also extremely low-priced. You can buy a high-quality three-layer cloth mask for as low as $2.54, reaching out to at least 4235 people.

h2. 2. Bags

Impressions generated per piece: 3300
Cost per Impression (CPI): 2/10 of a cent for a $5 bag

Bags are still fairly popular even though people no longer travel as much as they used to. Tote bags and backpacks are still popular among the masses as they can be used for simple errands, school, work, and other daily activities. They are also unbelievably affordable, considering the incredible audience that each piece reaches. A tote bag worth $0.88 can expose your brand to 3300 people during its entire lifetime! If you want a classier bag to give to your clients and staff as gifts, you can check out our cooler bags, laptop bags, and toiletry bags at a minimum of $2.67, $9.39, and $2.02 respectively.

h2. 3. T-shirts

Impressions generated per piece: 3400
Cost per Impression (CPI): 2/10 of a cent for a $7 shirt

T-shirts remain to be an effective advertising tool, which is why many brands still choose to advertise with them. Historically, t-shirts have been used for fundraisers, election campaigns, marketing blitzes, events, and staff uniforms, among others, which prove how versatile branded t-shirts are. They are effective mobile billboards due to their conspicuous placement on a person’s body. A single logo-printed shirt can attract up to 3400 impressions in its estimated shelf life of 14 months. Ad space for that long can cost you thousands of dollars but a shirt can cost as low as $4.77 in our store.

h2. 4. Headwear

Impressions generated per piece: 3400
Cost per Impression (CPI): 3/10 of a cent for a $10 hat

Now that summer is coming up, now’s the perfect time to bring out the baseball caps and hats. Nevertheless, headwear is just as versatile and effective as t-shirts when it comes to promotional giveaways and gifts. There’s a reason why they’re a classic among advertisers. Headwear attracts 3400 impressions for a cap worth less than $4.

h2. 5. Writing Instruments

Impressions generated per piece: 3000
Cost per Impression (CPI): 1/10 of a cent for a $1 pen

Another classic promotional item, writing instruments are a favourite among advertisers due to their affordability. With consumers, pens may get a bad rap due to the cheap ones that brands usually give away. However, pens can also be fancy with executive pens available. However, they don’t have to be expensive as some executive pen gift sets are priced at only $10.27 on our site. You can giveaway plastic pens to consumers worth as low as $0.31 while you can also impress executives and clients with executive pens for as low as $1.27.

h2. 6. Outerwear

Impressions generated per piece: 6100
Cost per Impression (CPI): 3/10 of a cent for a $20 jacket

Even though it is not jacket season anymore, promotional jackets are powerful advertising tools. During the colder seasons, branded jackets can attract double impressions of what any promotional item can generate, although they are the most expensive item on this list. A decent jacket can set you back for as low as under $20, but just think of the exposure you can generate. When given as a gift, it also makes a better impression on clients and customers due to its high perceived value.

h3. Promotional items are affordable advertising tools that deliver results!

Promotional products are the best-kept secrets of thrifty businesses that don’t have a big advertising & marketing budget. If you want to transform your business with promotional products, you can book a call with our Account Managers to get a free promotional marketing consultation. Fill out this form or you can get in touch with us through phone or email.