Top Online Promotional Product Trends You Need to Know

Promotional products do not always equate to success.

While they have a lot of transformative powers for brand awareness campaigns, they can still fail. You can’t just order promotional products online, stamp your logo, and give them away. You also can’t keep giving away the same thing in the same manner year after year, expecting it to pick up traction and make an impact year in, year out.

No, it’s not that simple. They are tools, and just like any tools, they have to be harnessed correctly and strategically for them to achieve their intended objectives. In order for them to generate a buzz for your brand, its success rely on a number of factors. When choosing promotional products, you have to make sure of their relevance. Relevance is a key factor that will determine whether your campaign will be a boom or not.

First, it has to be relevant to your brand. You can’t just choose the most popular promotional product. It has to be connected to what your brand does and its unique value proposition. Your branded merchandise doesn’t have to be the specific product that your company produces, but it has to have a semblance of connection. For example, IAMS’ promotional frisbee giveaways for dogs and Colgate’s ice cream and cotton candy freebies with sticks that reminded the recipient to brush their teeth after.

Second, it has to be relevant to the times. The promotional fidget spinner is one example. For a time, it was one of the hottest promotional products because people of all ages enjoy them. Naturally, many brands capitalized on this and gave away their own logo-imprinted version of the promotional product during its heyday. Now that the fad has passed so did its relevance with people, and it would hardly make an impact if you choose to give them away now (although you can still choose to if you can think of an innovative way to market it).

In conclusion, promotional products have to be on trend and connected to your brand, in order to catch the attention of people. What exactly are the latest trends in promotional products this second half of 2018? Read below to find out.

Trending Promotional Products in 2018


Whether for athleisure wear or for workouts and sports, people are going crazy for activewear. It is reported that millennial consumers spend $2-billion on athletic wear annually. Logoed sportswear will definitely be a hit with them.

Dri Gear Spliced Zenith Singlet

Mobile phone accessories

With people’s increasing dependence on technology, it is no wonder that mobile phone accessories are one of the hottest promotional products in 2018.

Orbit Wireless Charger

Eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly products have been on trend for several years now. Since the government’s push against the use of plastic, promotional tote bags, mugs, and drink bottles will be serving to replace them.

Zeta Jute Tote Bag

Wellness products

People are caring more about their health and wellness. Exercising, eating healthy, and practicing self-care is becoming the norm, which is why promotional products related to health and fitness are becoming a craze. This year’s hottest products include fruit infuser bottles, pedometers, sports towels, and jump ropes.

Simple Step Pedometer

Millennial-targeted products

Millennials still the buying power crown and as such, promotional products should be focused on them more. All of the promotional products above do well with the millennial crowd, along with power banks, portable speakers, and colourful sunglasses.

Order the hottest promotional products in 2018 today

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