Best Promotional Bags & Backpacks in Australia

Brandconnect has the largest range of promotional bags online across all of Australia. We have printed bags, satchel, backpacks, travel bags, sports and gym bags, conference bags, cooler bags, and drawstring bags. Our custom printed bag is an effective marketing tool to help you promote your brand. Our printed and reusable bags have large printing areas for your logo to get noticed by your potential customers.

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High Quality and Affordable Promotional Bags Online

If you’re looking for the best promo bags online, you’ve come to the right place. Brandconnect does not disappoint with its wide range of personalized bags. Regardless of tastes, budget, or requirements, you will be sure to find the perfect promotional bags for your needs. If you have a unique idea, we can also design and create it for you.

Promotional bags are Australia’s hottest promotional item. They are the most effective in generating impressions with their large print area for the logo. By having people use your promotional bags with logo, you automatically have walking advertisements that can be seen out and about with the bearers — at a significantly lower price.

Custom bags are versatile and perfect for people from all walks of life. They are necessities; people need them for their day-to-day lives. This comes as good news for brands who choose to give away promotional bags as your logo will get the maximum exposure due to frequent use. They are also typically used outside, so you can extend your reach to people your brand normally wouldn’t be able to access.

People tend to use their promotional bags for a minimum of nine times a month for an average for 18 months, according to industry research. That is a lot of branding opportunity for relatively little cost.
Get a more efficient and cost-effective walking billboards by harnessing the power of promotional bags today!

Hundreds of Promo Bags Online

Brandconnect has a wide collection of promotional bags of various styles and colours at different price points to suit any type of marketing campaign. Here are the different types of promotional bags in our collection:

Tote Bags

With the growing ban against plastic, tote bags are our most popular promotional bag today. They are perfect as trade show and conference giveaways and shopping bags. Business organisations from any industry can get a lot of brand mileage from these due to its usefulness and variety of print customisation and colour options.

Drawstring Bags

Printed drawstring bags work great at schools, sports, and health organisations. Students and teachers can use them as everyday bags, while fitness buffs can use them as gym or health club bags. If you’re trying to ramp up sign-ups for your gym, these make as great giveaways to lure in new members.

Cooler Bags

Since it is mostly sunny in Australia for most of the year, promotional cooler bags are useful all year round. People can use them to keep the temperature of their drinks and food during picnics, sporting events, beach parties, and other outdoor events. What’s great is they have a big space for imprinting your logo or message, so your brand will surely shine under the sun.

Gift and Paper Bags

Brandconnect has a wide range of custom printed paper bags at affordable prices. They come in different sizes, styles, and colours to suit your branding and budget needs. They are great as shopping bags, gift bags, and swag bags. Make each purchase from your store a marketing vehicle to increase your brand visibility.

Conference Bags

Just as the name suggests, our custom conference bags are perfect for conferences, trade shows, and events. They come in a wide array of styles, sizes, and materials. You can also throw in promotional pens, notebooks, USB drives, and other printing materials as giveaways to make more impact with your audience. Order these for your conference today!

Travel Bags, Luggage Tags and Accessories

If you want to gain international brand popularity, these logo-imprinted travel bags are a good way to advertise your brand. It reaches out to a larger target audience since your brand will travel wherever the bags go. Their big print space will ensure that your brand will be known as the jet-setting star that it really is. With custom luggage tags, your brand visibility and reach will even be greater.

Satchel Bags

Promotional satchel bags are another way to advertise your logo. They are meant to be used as everyday bags and as such, your brand or messaging will go wherever the wearer will go. They are basically walking billboards that give high brand visibility. We offer logo printing and embroidery and various customization options for your satchel bags.


Our custom backpacks are versatile and can be used by anyone who prefers bringing a lot of things with them, such as students, travelers, and gym enthusiasts. If your target market consists of these people, then promotional backpacks are your best bet to reach out to them.

Sports and Gym Bags

Our custom sports and gym bags are perfect for the fitness industry. Aside from enhancing marketing campaigns to encourage member sign-ups and other promotions, these custom sport and gym bags also serve as mobile advertisements for your brand.

Computer Bags

Our collection of custom computer bags come in a wide range of styles, materials, and sizes to suit the tastes of any market. They are perfect for young professionals, students, and jet-setting executives. They serve as great giveaways for the tech industry.

Printed Briefcases and Bags

If you’re targeting professionals and executives, these printed briefcases and bags are the best way to lure them in. They are made of premium materials and come in a wide range of colours, styles, and shapes. They make for perfect corporate gifts and employee rewards.

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If you need promotional bags in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or in multiple places at once, Brandconnect has you covered. No matter where you are in Australia, we will deliver your order to you. If you’re in a metro location and your orders are over $850, the shipping is free!

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With Brandconnect, you can only expect high-quality and affordable promotional bags that have been sourced from the leading suppliers in Australia. As the premier provider of custom bags, we have bags of any colours, sizes, styles, and shapes to exceed your marketing needs. If you have something else that you’re looking for, we can also find it or create it for you. Just contact our team to get started.

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